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Playing the harpsichord expressively : a practical and historical guide

Mark Kroll
The art of expressive harpsichord playing was lost when the instrument was replaced by the piano in the nineteenth century. Despite the great strides in harpsichord performance and building made during the last 100 years, the full expressive potential of the instrument has not yet been realized, or sometimes even acknowledged by professionals or amateurs. This book reveals the depth of expression that is possible on the harpsichord, and teaches the performer how to achieve it. Previous books devoted to playing the instrument have either been written for amateurs and beginners with little or no experience on the harpsichord, or they take a scholarly approach. This resource is written with a different goal in mind: teaching the art of expressive harpsichord playing to those who have had experience on the instrument, and also to pianists and organists who love the repertoire, and want to play it on the keyboard instrument for which it was composed. Presented together with quotes from the most important primary sources on the instrument, the book contains more than 100 musical examples in an easily-accessible format and one of the most comprehensive bibliographies available [Publisher description]
Print Book, English, 2004
Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Md., 2004
xx, 121 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780810850323, 081085032X
Techniques. Basic Technique ; Articulation ; Advanced Exercises In Expressive Articulation ; Resolving Dissonances ; Two-Part Textures ; Multi-voiced Textures ; Polyphonic Music ; Homophony (Playing Chords) ; Accompaniment Figures ; Playing Ornaments ; Registration ; Special Techniques ; Fingering
Playing in Style. Rhythm ; Overdotting ; Flexibility of Rhythm in Free Forms : Prelude, Toccata, Fantasy ; Unmeasured Preludes ; Toccatas ; Toccata and Unmeasured Prelude : A Comparison ; Style brisé and Style luthée ; Dance Movements : Ornaments ; Tables of Ornaments ; The port-de-voix ; The coulé ; The tremblement appuyé or lié ; Free Embellishment and Improvisation ; Character and Dedicatory Pieces ; Conclusion : National Styles
Appendix I : Ornaments : A Quick Reference Guide
Appendix II : Summary of Harpsichord Terminology
Appendix III: Contemporary Harpsichord Music