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What energy sources should be pursued?

Presents a series of essays by energy experts and environmentalists concerning the debate over developing energy alternatives such as the use of solar and wind power and hydrogen power
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The world's oil supply is plentiful / David Deming
The world is running out of oil / Stuart H. Rodman
Alternatives to oil must be developed / Walter Youngquist
Coal power harms the environment / Sierra Club
Nuclear power is efficient and safe for the environment / Nuclear Energy Institute
Nuclear power is inefficient and dangerous / Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
America's energy security depends on developing energy alternatives / Union of Concerned Scientists
The use of solar energy should be increased / Glenn Hamer
Solar and wind power are unproductive and environmentally harmful / Paul K. Driessen
The use of wind energy should be increased / American Wind Energy Association
The use of wind energy should not be increased / Eric Rosenbloom
Hydrogen power should be developed / Jeremy Rifkin
Hydrogen-powered cars may not be feasible / Charles J. Murray
Biodiesel can be used to heat homes / Greg Pahl