Front cover image for Czerwony ołówek : o Polaku, który ocalił tysiące Żydów

Czerwony ołówek : o Polaku, który ocalił tysiące Żydów

Henryk Sławik, a Polish journalist and politician, rescued thousands of Jews in Hungary between 1940-44. A refugee himself, he was in charge of the Polish Committee for Refugees in Hungary, established by the Polish government-in-exile. Sławik worked in cooperation with József Antall, a Hungarian official. They supplied "Aryan" documents to ca. 5,000 Jewish refugees from Poland and founded an orphanage for ca. 100 children. All of the children survived the war. After the German occupation of Hungary in 1944, Slawik was arrested by the Gestapo; he was deported and executed in Mauthausen. Both Sławik and Antall were posthumously recognized as "Rightous of the Nations" by Yad Vashem, due to the efforts of Henryk Zvi Zimmermann, one of the rescued who also worked in Budapest for the Polish Committee, helping other Jews in obtaining documents. Notes that the activities of Sławik were "forgotten" in postwar Poland because of his anti-communist political orientation. (From the Bibliography of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Print Book, Polish, 2003
Niezależne Wydawn. Polskie, Warszawa, 2003