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[Tobacco project : red book

Bing Xu
Print Book, English, 2000
[Xu Bing], [North Carolina?], 2000
2 volumes ; 10 x 11 cm
Title from prospectus
"Commissioned by Duke University in Durham, N. Carolina, this project focuses on the University's historical connection to Durham's 'tobacco culture' and its economic ties to the cultivation and sale of tobacco products. It also addresses the related historical issue of the impact on China of the large-scale exportation of tobacco products from U.S. in the late 19th century ..."--Prospectus
"Xu created a series of multi-media installations incorporating the materials, processes and consequences of tobacco manufacture. The works were exhibited in diverse venues throughout the city including University's Perkins Library ..."--Prospectus
Limited edition of 10 copies; 5 of single box quotes & 5 of double box quotes, numbered and signed by Xu, Bing
Double box quote: each copy consists of 2 red, tin cigarette boxes made in China, each containes 12 cigarettes. A quote "Introducing a co-operative" is printed on the wrappers of the cigarettes of both boxes