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The lord of the rings. The return of the king

Peter Jackson (Director, Screenwriter), Fran Walsh (Producer, Screenwriter), Philippa Boyens (Screenwriter), Barrie Osborne (Producer), Elijah Wood (Actor), Ian McKellen (Actor), Liv Tyler (Actor), Viggo Mortensen (Actor), Sean Astin (Actor), Cate Blanchett (Actor)
The Fellowship divides to conquer, as Frodo and Sam, with the help and hindrance of Gollum, continue on their way to Mount Doom. Gandalf and Pippin ride to Minas Tirith to help defend Gondor, while Merry remains with Eowyn and the other Rohan fighters. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli seek aid from those that live in the Cursed Mountains. All these battles have one ultimate goal in mind: to distract the Eye of Sauron and buy Frodo as much time as possible in order to destroy the One Ring
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