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Seeing Judaism anew

"By linking New Testament scholarship to the Shoah, Christian liturgical life, and developments in the church, this volume addresses important questions at the heart of Christian identity. The essays in this volume offer a conceptual framework by which Christians can rethink their understanding of the church's relationship to Judaism and show how essential it is that Christians represent Judaism accurately, not only as a matter of justice for the Jewish people but also for the integrity of Christian faith."--BOOK JACKET
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xxiv, 285 pages ; 24 cm
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Preface / Philip A. Cunningham and Ruth Langer
A sacred obligation / The Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish relations
Mary C. Boys
Introductory essay
The Shoah and Jewish-Christian relations / Eva Fleischner
God's covenant with the Jewish people endures forever
The enduring covenant / Mary C. Boys
Jesus of Nazareth lived and died as a faithful Jew
Jesus: a faithful Jew ; The death of Jesus / Joseph B. Tyson
Ancient rivalries must not define Christian-Jewish relations today
Ancient rivalries and New Testament interpretation: an example from the Acts of the Apostles / Celia Deutsch
Ancient Jewish-Christian rivalries in the shadow of empire: the tensions of the past as lessons for the present / Jean-Pierre Ruiz
Christian feminism and anti-Judaism / Mary C. Boys
Jewish feminist scholars: vibrant voices in New Testament study / Deirdre Good
Judaism is a living faith, enriched by many centuries of development
"In every generation'': Judaism as a living Faith / Peter A. Pettit, John Townsend
The Bible both connects and separates Jews and Christians
Contemporary Christians and Israel's ancient scriptures / Walter Harrelson
Affirming God's enduring covenant with the Jewish people has consequences for Christian understandings of salvation
Jesus as the universal savior in the light of God's eternal covenant with the Jewish people: a Roman Catholic perspective / Peter C. Phan
The universal significance of Christ / Clark M. Williamson
Christians should not target Jews for conversion
Covenant and conversion / Philip A. Cunningham
Targeting Jews for conversion contradicts Christian faith and contravenes Christian hope / Joann Spillman
Christian worship that teaches contempt for Judaism dishonors God
The God of Israel and Christian worship / John C. Merkle
A matter of perspective: an alternative reading of Mark 15:38 / Rosann M. Catalano
Translations of the New Testament for our time / Norman Beck
We affirm the importance of the land of Israel for the life of the Jewish people
The land of Israel in the cauldron of the Middle East: a challenge to Christian-Jewish relations / Michael B. McGarry
Christians should work with Jews for the healing of the world
The challenge of Tikkun Olam for Jews and Christians / John T. Pawlikowski
Christian-Jewish relations after the Shoah: historical reflections
The road to reconciliation: Protestant Church statements on Christian-Jewish relations / Franklin Sherman
Catholic teaching on Jews and Judaism: an evolution in process / Eugene J. Fisher
Revising Christian teaching: The work of the Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish relations / Alice L. Eckardt
"A Sheed & Ward book."