Front cover image for Nanofuture : what's next for nanotechnology

Nanofuture : what's next for nanotechnology

Flying cars, space travel for everyone, the elimination of poverty and hunger, and powerful new tools to combat disease and even fight aging - these are some of the amazing predicted developments of nanotechnology, the emerging science of designing and building machines at the molecular and atomic levels. [In this book, the author] explains how nanotechnology will make possible many of the science fiction dreams of the past. [In the book, he also] analyzes the benefits as well as the potential risks.-Dust jacket
Print Book, English, 2005
Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 2005
333 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781591022879, 1591022878
What is nanotechnology? And why is there so much confusion about it?
A handle on the future: can you take these predictions seriously?
Current nanotechnology: laboratory and life-and how to get to the real thing from here
Designing and analyzing nanomachines: theory, current tolls, and the future
Nuts and bolts: the basics of what a mature nanotechnology will look like
Engines: making molecular machines go
A digital technology: atoms are the bits of the material world
Self-replication: mechanical motherhood
Food, clothing, and shelter: a day in your life in the age of nanotech. Economics: how much is this going to cost?
Transportation: it's a very small world, indeed
Space: where a much larger world awaits
Robots: for whatever work there is to be done
Artificial intelligence: closer than you may think
Runaway replicators: playing with fire
Real dangers: the same old bad guys, with nastier toys
Nanomedicine: fixing what's wrong
Improvements: a perspective on transhumanism
The human prospect: living happily ever after