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Tyehimba Jess (Author)
Portrays the life of Huddie Ledbetter by telling the story of this Louisiana native and son of a cotton picker in a series of persona poems. The collection of poetry is divided by titles of Leadbelly's recorded songs: "What kind of soul has man?" "What you gonna do when the world's on fire?" and "The blood done signed your name."
Print Book, English, 2005
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Verse Press ; Wave Books, Amherst, MA, Seattle, WA, 2005
117 pages : portrait ; 23 cm.
9780974635330, 0974635332
leadbelly's lessons
what kind of soul has man?
sallie ledbetter: a mother's hymn
john wesley ledbetter
colt protection special
fannin street signifies
mistress stella speaks
1912: blind lemon jefferson explaining to leadbelly
what you gonna do when the world's on fire?
caddo born
blind lemon taught me
harris county chain gang
alias: walter boyd
lethe on leadbelly
the blood done signed your name
for trouble's sake
bud russel, louisiana prison transfer man, 1920
leadbelly: runagate
leadbelly: from sugarland
sing out
Governor Pat Neff
loving era
era washington on leadbelly's stella
black girl, black girl...
mary on martha...
martha promise: grown summer
will you take this load...
martha promise: what i knew
yes, i was standing at the bottom
mooringsport moan
leadbelly in angola prison: down again
leadbelly sings to his #1 crew
july, 1933: leadbelly receives lomax at angola prison
home again
martha promise receives leadbelly, 1935
martha promise: keeping peace
man plowing with mules
John Lomax's Recording Machine, 1933
Ethnographer John Lomax Speaks of His Vocation
John Lomax: I Work With Negroes
John Lomax: On Seeking Song
John Lomax Visits Leadbelly in Angola Prison: July, 1933
leadbelly's role
leadbelly: mythology
five year sentence
leadbelly's labor on the lomax trail, 1934
prisoner #489235
the song speaks
you don't know my mind...
Lead Belly: Bad Nigger Makes Good Minstrel
leadbelly v. lomax: song hunting, 1934
John Lomax writes home, 1934
leadbelly writes home, 1934
leadbelly v. lomax at the modern language association conference, 1934
lomax v. leadbelly in new york: letters to home, 1934
lomax v. leadbelly: on the road, 1935
lomax v. leadbelly: dreams
good morning babe, how do you do?
leadbelly & martha: return to new york, 1936
jimmy goodwin, age 9
leadbelly's big city hustle
brownie and leadbelly: stipulations and apprenticeship
martha: life's work
To: Haywood Patterson #386j49
leadbelly: one thing
John Lomax writes home, 1937
martha: weight
josh white writes home, 1941
cab calloway on leadbelly
stella: diminuendo
martha: vigil
leadbelly: christened
Leadbelly's Timeline