Front cover image for General Count de Rochambeau and The Château de Rochambeau, and related materials, ca. 1892-1895

General Count de Rochambeau and The Château de Rochambeau, and related materials, ca. 1892-1895

Two printed articles by J.G. Rosengarten, General Comte de Rochambeau and The Château de Rochambeau (both published in 1895), bound together in an extra-illustrated volume, with a title page reading: General Count de Rochambeau and The Chateau de Rochambeau (Philadelphia: G.L. Fitzgerald & Co., 1895). The volume contains an original letter from Charles J. Stillé (dated 28 December 1892); 51 print portraits; 4 other illustrations (2 depictions of the surrender at Yorktown in 1781; a view on the Hudson; and the State House in Philadelphia in 1778); and 3 regional maps (Philadelphia; Baltimore; and New York). Most of the items, including the leaves of the articles, are inlaid. The first article is from the American Historical Register (vol. 3, no. 14, October 1895, p. [195]-208, with a different portrait substituted on the first page); and the second is a reprint from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society (vol. 33, no. 146, January 16, 1895, p. 353-361). Stillé's letter concerns Rosengarten's translation from Max von Eelking (The German allied troops in the North American war of independence). Of the portraits, 5 are of Rochambeau; 5 of George Washington; 3 of Charles Cornwallis; 2 of François comte de Grasse; 2 of Charles Gravier Vergennes; 2 of Charles de Houx de Vioménil; and one each of 33 other individuals. The portrait of Marie Joseph Paul Lafayette is in color. The portrait of Étienne Maurice Gérard was evidently included in error, in connection with a mistaken reference in The Château de Rochambeau to the French minister in Philadelphia in 1782 as Mr. Gérard (p. 357); the minister at that time was Anne-César, chevalier de La Luzerne, who succeeded Conrad Alexandre Gérard in the post in 1779. The volume has a typed index of illustrations at the front. The spine covering is wanting, and covers detached
Manuscript, English, 1892