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Lullaby and goodnight

The only thing that high-powered career woman Peyton Somerset misses from her otherwise enviable life is the joy of having a baby. So, after two broken engagements, she decides to stop searching for Mr. Right and opts for artificial insemination. As a single mom-to-be, she joins a support group and develops close friendships with some of the women in the group. But strange, sinister things - abductions and suicides - are thinning the ranks of her group, and not even her handsome new friend Tom Riley is able to ease her growing paranoia. Peyton's fear increases when someone breaks into her apartment and leaves a Bible - with passages about unwed mothers highlighted. Clearly someone has decided that she's an unfit parent before she's even given birth...and is planning to turn Peyton's dreams of motherhood into a lethal nightmare
Large Print Book, English, ©2005
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