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Sociology : exploring the architecture of everyday life

This sixth edition of 'Sociology' features new and updated examples and statistical information. It offers new and updated visual essays in the chapters so that they are more closely linked to the text to which they are connected
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1. Taking a new look at a familiar world
2. Seeing and thinking sociologically
3. Building reality : the social construction of knowledge
4. Building order : culture and history
5. Building identity : socialization
6. Supporting identity : the presentation of self
7. Building social relationships : intimacy and families
8. Constructing difference : social deviance
9. The structure of society : organizations, social institutions, and globalization
10. The architecture of stratification : social class and inequality
11. The architecture of inequality : race and ethnicity
12. The architecture of inequality : sex and gender
13. The global dynamics of population : demographic trends
14. Architects of change : reconstructing society
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