Front cover image for The Union of 1707; a survey of events

The Union of 1707; a survey of events

Print Book, English, 1907
G. Outram & Co., Glasgow, 1907
vii, 205 pages.
Introduction, by P. Hume Brown
The Scottish parliament, by R.S. Rait
'The end of an auld sang', by Andrew Lang
The country party and the act of security; The act of security and its effects, by James Mackinnon
The church and the Union; Statesman of the Union, by W.L. Mathieson
A romantic plot against the Union, by Andrew Lang
Scottish industry before the Union; Scottish industry after the Union, by W.R. Scott
Glasgow and the Union, by Robert Renwick
Social life in Edinburgh after the Union, by James Colville
Literary revival in Scotland after the Union, by J.H. Millar
the English standpoint, by R. Lodge
The Scottish and Irish union, by W.L. Mathieson. Appendices: I. Ker of Kersland
II. Articles of union
Reprinted from the Glasgow herald