Front cover image for Dorothy Whitney Straight Elmhirst papers

Dorothy Whitney Straight Elmhirst papers

Also, William and Caroline D. Phillips, Ethel C. Roosevelt (later Mrs. Richard Derby), Susan R. Sedgwick (widow of Arthur Swann, later Mrs. Paul L. Hammond), Hazel Straight (later Mrs. James Forest Sanborn), Eliza Morgan Swift, May Tuckerman (later Mrs. Hermann Kinnicutt), Pauline P. Whitney (later Mrs. Almeric H. Paget), Anna L.B. Williams, and Gladys M. Vanderbilt (later Countess Szechenyi), A. Piatt Andrew, J. Howland Auchincloss, Robert and Martha W. Bacon and their son Robert Low Bacon, Frances P.B. Bolton, William J. Calhoun, Wilbur R. Chenoweth, Winston Churchill, Ellen Straight Cross, Richard Harding Davis, Charles D. Draper, Lord Charles French, John Foord, Mary Harriman (later Mrs. Charles C. Rumsey), Herbert C. Hoover, Colonel Edward M. House, Delancey K. Jay, Walter Lippmann, Charles Merz, Ruth Morgan, Annah D. Ripley (later Countess de Viel Castel), Alice L. Roosevelt (later Mrs. Nicholas Longworth), Corinne Roosevelt (later Mrs. Douglas Robinson), Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Lillian Wald, Lloyd Warren, William Fitz Hugh (Sheldon) Whitehouse, and Stark Young
Archival Material, English, 1887