Front cover image for French Revolution collection, 1668-1868 (bulk 1780-1820)

French Revolution collection, 1668-1868 (bulk 1780-1820)

Books, pamphlets, graphic materials, periodicals, broadsides, and manuscripts providing comprehensive documentation of the political, economic, and social aspects of the French Revolution, with substantial additional material on the "ancien régime," the Napoleonic period, and the Restoration. Included are government documents such as laws, decrees, minutes of meetings, judicial proceedings, and official correspondence; memoirs, histories, biographies, speeches, polemics, almanacs, catechisms, satires, acrostics, plays, comic operas, dialogues, poems, "vaudevilles," "calendriers," and works written in dialect; songs with and without musical notation; and engravings, etchings, and some lithographs, including portraits, caricatures, and illustrations
Archival Material, French, 1668