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François-Jules Harmand papers

Personal and official correspondence; autobiographical notes and diaries; medical reports concerning French Navy personnel; photographs; diplomatic reports; archaeological, botanical, and ethnographic accounts concerning Southeast Asia and its people; and documents pertaining to the Tonkin expedition (1873) led by Francis Garnier, in which Harmand participated, including numerous maps and drawings, some by Harmand, reports and journals, and a genealogical table of the Vietnamese royal family Nguyêñ. Speeches, military intelligence reports and maps, and contemporary copies of the Annamite Proclamation of June 8, 1883, and the Ultimatum of the Convention of Hué (1883) with Harmand's commentary; also included are reports concerning political, economic, and social conditions and a proposal for establishing a French telegraphic line; letters, which Harmand acquired while consul in Bangkok, to M. Blancheton, an earlier French consul to Siam, from the French trader and explorer, Jean Dupuis, who was also a member of the Garnier expedition, and notes detailing the development of French interest and influence in Southeast Asia (author, unknown, n.d.) are included. Additional diplomatic documents consist of photographs and dispatches concerning military affairs and cultural traditions in India (1885-1890); a photograph album and dispatches both sent and received while Minister Plenipotentiary to Japan (1894-1906)
Archival Material, English, 1845