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Human ecology in savanna environments

Papers by Rhys Jones and John H. Calaby separately annotated
Print Book, English, 1980
Academic Press, London, 1980
Conference proceedings
xvii, 522 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780123265500, 0123265509
Tropical savanna environments : definition, distribution, diversity, and development / David R. Harris
Commentary : human occupation and exploitation of savanna environments / David R. Harris
Early human occupation of African savanna environments / J. Desmond Clark
Prehistoric human utilization of the savanna environments of Middle and South America / Norman Hammond
Hunters in the Australian coastal savanna / Rhys Jones
Changing agricultural and pastoral ecologies in the West African savanna region / Philip Burnham
Strategies of resource exploitation among East African savanna pastoralists / Neville Dyson-Hudson
Indian civilization and the tropical savanna environment / David E. Sopher
Agricultural ecology in the Southeast Asian savanna region : the Mnong Gar of Vietnam and their social space / Georges Condominas
Indigenous and colonial land-use systems in Indo-Oceanian savannas : the case of New Caledonia / Jacques Barrau
Europeanization of the savanna lands of northern South America / James J. Parsons
Commentary : ecology, demography, and development in savanna environments / David R. Harris
Ecology of tropical American savannas : an ecophysiological approach / Ernesto Medina
Ecology and human use of the Australian savanna environment / John Calaby
Ecology and management of savanna ecosystems in south-central Africa / B.H. Walker
Ecology and management of game animals and domestic livestock in African savannas / P.A. Jewell
River-basin development and local initiative in African savanna environments / Thayer Scudder
Population growth and prospects of development in savanna nations / Ester Boserup
Commentary : human biology of savanna peoples / J.S. Weiner
Work and wellbeing in savanna environments : physiological considerations / J.S. Weiner
Nutritional status of savanna peoples / Erica F. Wheeler
Epidemiological-ecological interactions in savanna environments / Robert S. Desowitz
Designs for human-biological research among savanna pastoralists / Michael A. Little
Based on the proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and held at Burg Wartenstein, Austria, from 4-13 August, 1978