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Music in Jewish history and culture

"Music in Jewish History and Culture surveys the broad sweep of music among Jews of widely diverse communities from Biblical times to the modern day. Each chapter focuses on a different Jewish cultural epoch and, against the background of its principal historical and cultural traits, explores the music and the way it functioned in that society. Proceeding more or less chronologically, the fifteen chapters cover a variety of Jewish musical expressions. Topics considered include performance practices of the ancient Temple, the relationship of Jewish and early Christian music, cantillation, Jewish music in the worlds of medieval Islam and Christianity, Yiddish and Ladino folk music, growth and development of the synagogue liturgy, cantorial song in Europe and the United States, Yiddish theater in Europe and North America, klezmer, Jews in the concert world of the past two centuries, music of the Holocaust, American synagogue music, and music in modern Israel. A unique feature of the book is its carefully placed historical interludes, while illustrations, charts, and a glossary of technical terms supplement the text. Since both authors have long experience lecturing to general audiences as well as teaching this material in college courses, they have structured the book as both a college text and an informative guide for the lay reader."--Publisher's website
Print Book, English, 2006
Harmonie Park Press, Sterling Heights, Mich., 2006