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Richard Brown Scandrett papers

Mainly papers that document Scandrett's tenure (1934-36) as Treasurer of the Republican Committee of Orange County, New York; his unsuccessful 1938 campaign as Republican candidate for New York Congressman-at-large; his 1940 and 1948 pre-convention efforts on behalf of Robert A. Taft in the latter's bid for the Presidential nomination; his term as member of the American delegation to the Allied Reparations Commission (1945) and his work as Chief of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Mission to Byelorussia (1946). Also, papers concerning his law practice with the firm of Scandrett, Tuttle & Chalaire of New York, including those relating to lobbying done for the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Amtorg Trading Corporation; his activities as president (1935-48) of Survey Associates, publishers of SURVEY GRAPHIC and SURVEY MIDMONTHLY; his numerous speeches and magazine articles and the book, DIVIDED THEY FALL (1941); his Amherst College alumni activities, including correspondence on the Alexander Meiklejohn controversy of 1923; his involvement with groups opposing Fascism, favoring world government, and espousing other causes, as well as personal correspondence with his uncle, Dwight W. Morrow, and other members of his family
Archival Material, English, 1907