Front cover image for Papers of Sara Teasdale, 1888-1934 (bulk 1905-1933)

Papers of Sara Teasdale, 1888-1934 (bulk 1905-1933)

Sara Teasdale, Leonard Dalton Abbott (Correspondent), Conrad Aiken (Correspondent), Henry Mills Alden (Correspondent), Rudolph Altrocchi (Correspondent), Edwin Hatfield Anderson (Correspondent), Hamilton Fish Armstrong (Correspondent), Percy Lee Atherton (Correspondent), Kendall Banning (Correspondent), Maggie W. Barry (Correspondent), Amy Beach (Correspondent), Henry Adams Bellows (Correspondent), William Rose Benét (Correspondent), Frank Monroe Beverly (Correspondent), William F. Bigelow (Correspondent), Girard Blair (Correspondent), Eugene Bonner (Correspondent), William Stanley Braithwaite (Correspondent), Robert Bridges (Correspondent), Abbie Farwell Brown (Correspondent), Edmund Randolph Brown (Correspondent), Carl Busch (Correspondent), Alice Carter Butler (Correspondent), Witter Bynner (Correspondent), Luigi Camilieri (Correspondent), Bliss Carman (Correspondent), John Alden Carpenter (Correspondent), Willa Cather (Correspondent), Madison Julius Cawein (Correspondent), Thomas Curtis Clark (Correspondent), Vine Colby, Padraic Colum (Correspondent), Margaret Conklin (Correspondent), Grace Hazard Conkling (Correspondent), Sidney Rogers Cook (Correspondent), Wilbur L. Cross (Correspondent), Martha Foote Crow (Correspondent), John William Cunliffe (Correspondent), Elisabeth Cutting (Correspondent), T. A. Daly (Correspondent), Gustav Davidson (Correspondent), Fannie Stearns Davis (Correspondent), Miles Menander Dawson (Correspondent), Walter De la Mare (Correspondent), Alexander Nicolas De Menil (Correspondent), Nathan Haskell Dole (Correspondent), Ferdinand Earle (Correspondent), John Erskine (Correspondent), Frank Diehl Fackenthal (Correspondent), William Faversham (Correspondent)
The papers contain three manuscripts by Teasdale including "Christina Rossetti, an intimate portrait," together with manuscripts by friends Vine Colby, Celia Ellen Harris, Margaret Conklin, Margaret Scott Lawler, Paul Janis, Williammina Parrish, Frances S. Porcher and Patience Worth including "Ye comet's tail, or as you say," by Parrish and Colby
Archival Material, English, 1888