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Papers of Harry Flood Byrd 1911-1965

Harry F. Byrd, Watkins Moorman Abbitt (Correspondent), Edwin Anderson Alderman (Correspondent), J. Lindsay Almond (Correspondent), T. Coleman Andrews (Correspondent), Alben William Barkley (Correspondent), A. D. Barksdale (Correspondent), John Stewart Battle (Correspondent), William S. Battle (Correspondent), Ezra Taft Benson (Correspondent)
Business papers range from 1914-1965 and consist chiefly of correspondence, bills and receipts regarding Byrd's apple orchards, with some material on Northern Virginia newspapers he published, and Cuban business interests. Virginia political papers, 1911-1932, describe the organization of the Byrd machine but do not contain gubernatorial files. U.S. senatorial papers, 1933-1965, still deal chiefly with Byrd's interest in Virginia politics though material on national interests is present. Complementing the political correspondence are appointment books, magazine articles, newsclippings, constituent's mail, 1957 and 1960-1965, voting records, 1933-1965, speeches of Byrd and others, public statements and press releases, scrap-books and political cartoons. Family papers contain correspondence and some business and legal papers of Richard Evelyn Byrds, Richard Evelyn Byrd, Harry Flood Byrd, and Henry Delaware Flood
Manuscript, English, 1911
Caricatures and cartoons
273 ft.