Front cover image for Papers of Louis Arthur Johnson 1930-64

Papers of Louis Arthur Johnson 1930-64

Louis Arthur Johnson, Jawaharlal Nehru (Correspondent), Frank Bane (Correspondent), Alben Williams Barkley (Correspondent), Bernard M. Baruch (Correspondent), Ghanaśyāmadāsa Biṛalā (Correspondent), James Bruce (Correspondent), Claire Lee Chennault (Correspondent), Tom C. Clark (Correspondent), Charles Cummings Collingwood (Correspondent)
The collection documents Johnson's career as Assistant Secretary of War, 1937-40, President Roosevelt's personal representative to India, 1942, & Secretary of Defense, 1949-50. It consists chiefly of correspondence but also contains memoranda, appointment schedules, speeches, press releases, cartoons, photographs, maps & charts, phonograph records & movies of speeches, scrapbook & relevant printed material
Manuscript, English, 1930