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Albert Erskine papers, 1930-1999

Albert Erskine, Richard Bankowsky (Correspondent), Saul Bellow (Correspondent), R. P. Blackmur (Correspondent), Joseph Blotner, Paul Bowles (Correspondent), Cleanth Brooks (Correspondent), Matthew J. Bruccoli (Correspondent), Anthony Burgess (Correspondent), Malcolm Cowley (Correspondent), Saxe Commins (Correspondent), Donald Davidson (Correspondent), Ralph Ellison (Correspondent), John Gould Fletcher (Correspondent), Shelby Foote (Correspondent), George Garrett (Correspondent), S. I. Hayakawa (Correspondent), Granville Hicks (Correspondent), Langston Hughes (Correspondent), William Inge (Correspondent), Paul Johnston (Correspondent), Sheen T. Kassouf (Correspondent), Philip J. Klass, Rosanne Klass, Maxine Kumin (Correspondent), Pierre LaMure, Malcolm Lowry (Correspondent), Andrew Nelson Lytle (Correspondent), André Malraux (Correspondent), Linton R. Massey (Correspondent), James B. Meriwether, Michael Mewshaw (Correspondent), Arthur Miller (Correspondent), Michael Millgate, Howard Nemerov (Correspondent), John O'Hara (Correspondent), Carlotta Monterey O'Neill (Correspondent), Gordon Parks, Walker Percy (Correspondent), P. M. Pasinetti (Correspondent), Noel Polk, Katherine Anne Porter (Correspondent), David A. Randall (Correspondent), John Crowe Ransom (Correspondent), Anthony M. Reinach (Correspondent), Budd Schulberg (Correspondent), Karl Shapiro (Correspondent), Irwin Shaw, Martin Shubik, Jean Stafford (Correspondent)
Random House editorial files of Albert Erskine contain correspondence with staff and authors; editorial fact sheets and notes; copy for book covers; financial documents including contracts and royalty statements; copies of articles, speeches and manuscripts; photographs; and reviews, advertising schedules and publicity for book publications. The collection also contains some personal correspondence and miscellaneous Random House staff correspondence
Archival Material, English, 1930
Personal correspondence
10,500 (approximately) items
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