Front cover image for What 1.3 billion Muslims really think : an answer to a recent Gallup study, based on the World Values Survey

What 1.3 billion Muslims really think : an answer to a recent Gallup study, based on the World Values Survey

eBook, English, ©2009
Nova Science Publishers, New York, ©2009
1 online resource (xv, 601 pages) : illustrations (some color), maps (some color)
9781617285981, 1617285986
Amitai Etizoni on Islam
Anti-Enlightenment prejudice in a nutshell : the covenant of the Islamic resistance movement
Inglehart and the consequences : Islam on the map of global value changes
a first assessment
Euro-Islam and Europe's leading culture : 6.6 million homophobes among 229 million tax evaders?
The global protest potential against the "Washington consensus" (=liberal market economy + liberal democracy + sexual permissiveness + secularization)
Another look at Asabiyya : the social cohesion of society
The northward migration of global intolerance and the global tolerance index
Simon Kuznets revisited : the U-shaped tradeoff between tolerance and development
Active society, tolerance and development : the cross-national evidence
"Who are we"? : a factor analysis of global value differences
By way of conclusion : how much secularization is necessary, and how much secularization is recommendable?
Analysis of WVS data : methodological notes on sample size, error probability, sample composition, et cetera
What the Gallup booklet unfortunately does not tell you : what Muslims really think
the data from the World Values Survey, with a full documentation and the original SPSS XIV/XV tables, and the most important survey results for the Muslim global sample from the World Values Survey
IBN Khaldoun revisited : a factor analytical model of central World Values Survey indicators
The active society index
Islam and Enlightenment : the possible way ahead
a quantitative view ; the cross-national determinants of economic growth, the active society, global tolerance, traditional values, the intransparent society and Asabiyya
Mapping the world civilizations : is Islam compatible with Enlightenment? A factor analytical model
how much? Some further materials on the Scylla and Charybdis on the path to modernization and the governance of value change
Muslims are no security risk in a multicultural Europe : a World Values Survey comparison of European Union, EEA and EFTA country opinions on major issues and social realities by the major religious groups in Europe