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Canadian community as partner : theory & multidisciplinary practice

"The book is organised in three sections; a theoretical section that sets the stage for how and why we work as partners with the communities we serve; a process section that details the activities of the community process in action; and a third section of stories that tell the tales of working in and with communities from sea to sea"--Provided by publisher
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Case Reports
xvi, 491 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9781605477091, 1605477095
pt. 1. Theoretical foundations. Population health promotion : essentials and essence of practice / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Ethics for community practice / Frances E. Racher
Epidemiology, demography, and community health / Dana S. Edge
Creating supportive environments for health : the role of social networks / Malcolm Shookner, Catherine M. Scott, Ardene Robinson Vollman, and Anne Hofmeyer
Developing individual skills : building capacity for individual, collective, and sociopolitical empowerment / Lewis Williams
Strengthening community action : public participation and partnerships for health / Catherine M. Scott, Gail L. MacKean, and Bretta Maloff
Building healthy public policy and introduction to health economics / Wilfreda E. Thurston, Daniel J. Dutton, and J.C. Herbert Emery
Reorienting health services / Laurie Fownes and Ardene Robinson Vollman
Honouring culture and diversity in community practice / Frances E. Racher and Robert C. Annis
Community health informatics / Tracy Halbert
Emerging threats to community health / Monique Stewart. pt. 2. The process of community as partner. A model to guide practice / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Community assessment / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Community analysis and diagnosis / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Planning a community health program / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Implementing a community health program / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Evaluating a community health program / Marcia Hills and Simon Carroll. pt. 3. Community as partner in practice. Community profile : exemplar health district / Ardene Robinson Vollman
Assessing the health of communities in Northern Canada / Gwen K. Healey and Frances E. Racher
Promoting the health of pregnant women / Truc Huynh, Dorothy Nicolaou, and Aliyah Mawji
Promoting the health of schoolchildren / Jenean Johnson, Heather McElroy, and Candace Lind
Youth engagement in health promotion / Michelle Sullivan, Nancy Sullivan, Donna Hardy-Cox, Annette Johns, Sharon M. Yanicki, and Karoline Philipp
Workplace health promotion / Roxanne Felix, Donna MacDougall, and Mary Ann Murray
Promoting the health of vulnerable populations / Jim Frankish, Catherine M. Scott, and Wilfreda E. Thurston
Revised edition of: Canadian community as partner / Ardene Robinson Vollman, Elizabeth T. Anderson, Judith McFarlane. 2nd ed. c2008
Canadian version of: Community as partner / Elizabeth T. Anderson, Judith McFarlane. 6th ed. c2012