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The works of Thomas Brooks

Print Book, English, 1980
The Banner of Truth Trust, Carlisle, Pa., 1980
Early works
6 volumes ; 23 cm
9780851513027, 9780851513034, 9780851513041, 9780851513058, 9780851513065, 9780851513072, 9780851513089, 0851513026, 0851513034, 0851513042, 0851513050, 0851513069, 0851513077, 0851513085
V. 1. The preface
Memoir of Brooks
Precious remedies against Satan's devices
Apples of gold
The mute Christian under the smarting rod
A string of pearls
V. 2. An ark for all God's Noahs
The privy key of heaven
Heaven on earth
V. 3. The unsearchable riches of Christ
A cabinet of jewels
V. 4. Crown and glory of Christianity
V. 5. The golden key to open hidden treasures
Paradise opened
A word in season
V. 6. London's lamentations
The glorious day of the saints' appearance
God's delight in the progress of the upright
Hypocrites detected
A believer's last day his best day
A heavenly cordial
The legacy of a dying mother
The complete works of Thomas Brooks originally published in 6 volumes, 1861-67; first Banner of Truth Trust reprint, 1980