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Universalists and Unitarians in America : a people's history

Print Book, English, ©2011
Skinner House Books, Boston, ©2011
Church history
xiii, 274 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9781558966123, 9781558966130, 1558966129, 1558966137
American independence and the emergence of liberal religion, 1770-1815
The multiple origins of Universalism in America
Early Unitarianism in America
The age of Jacksonian democracy, 1815-1848
Universalism in the second great awakening
Unitarians and the American renaissance
The second American revolution, 1848 -1870
Universalism seeks unity of the spirit
Unitarians and the second American revolution
The last "gilded age" of inequality, 1870-1905
Universalism's liberal mission
Unitarian parsonages move West
The progressive era, 1905-1935
Unitarian skepticism and social reform
Universalism and modernity
Liberal religion and humanism, 1935-1960
The Unitarian renaissance
Universalist humanism and Unitarian Universalist consolidation
The Unitarian Universalist Association, 1961-2011
The marriage during the first twenty years
The UUA grows stronger