Front cover image for Diodorus of Sicily in twelve volumes

Diodorus of Sicily in twelve volumes

Diodorus, C. H. Oldfather (Translator), Charles L Sherman (Translator), C. Bradford Welles (Translator), Russel M. Geer (Translator), Francis R. Walton (Translator)
Diodorus' Library of History, written in the first century BCE, is the most extensively preserved history by an ancient Greek author. The work is in three parts: mythical history to the Trojan War; history to Alexander's death (323 BCE); history to 54 BCE. Books 1-5 and 11-20 survive complete, the rest in fragments.
Print Book, English, 1963-71. [v.1, 1968]
W. Heinemann ; Harvard Univ. Press, London, Cambridge, Mass., 1963-71. [v.1, 1968]