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Frank Capra's Meet John Doe

Frank Capra (Director), Robert Riskin (Screenwriter), George Barnes (Cinematographer), Daniel Mandell (Film editor), Dimitri Tiomkin (Composer), Hall Johnson (Arranger), Leo F. Forbstein (Musical director), Stephen Goossón (Artistic director), Natalie Visart (Costume designer), Gary Cooper (Actor)
Fired from her job, reporter Ann Mitchell invents a fictitious "John Doe" to write an idealistic letter threatening suicide in protest of social ills. The public response to the letter is so enormous that Ann's newspaper rehires her and hires an out-of-work baseball player, John Willoughby to play the part of John Doe. He enters into the hoax for the money but ultimately rebels against the evil, self-serving despots who attempt to further their own political goals by controlling him and the thousands of John Doe fans who support him
DVD Video, English, 2010, ©1941
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VCI Entertainment : Laureate Productions, Tulsa, OK, 2010, ©1941