Front cover image for Composing a further life : the age of active wisdom

Composing a further life : the age of active wisdom

Mary Catherine Bateson (Author)
Mary Catherine Bateson--author of the landmark bestseller Composing a Life--gives us an inspiring exploration of a new life stage, Adulthood II, that now precedes old age, a result of our longer life spans and better health. She redefines later adulthood as an opportunity to understand our deepest priorities and potentials and challenges us to use it to pursue new sources of meaning and ways to contribute to society. Bateson shares the stories of men and women who are flourishing examples of this "age of active wisdom"--from a retired boatyard worker turned silversmith to a former foundation president exploring the crucial role of grandparents in our society. Retiring no longer means withdrawing from life, but engaging with it more deeply, and Composing a Further Life points the way. (Back cover)
Print Book, English, 2011
Vintage Books, New York, 2011