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Vienna - 1779, 1779 Nov - Mar

Manuscript, in a single hand, of the author's travels through Vienna, with commentary on its buildings, military fortifications, and the character of its inhabitants. He notes that "the Philosopher's Stone is at this very moment, as eagerly sought after, as in an age of the profoundest ignorance. Can it be believed that in Vienna ... there are now at least three thousand persons employed ... in this research?" A large section is devoted to biographies and of members of the Viennese court, including Empress Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, the late Emperor Francis and his "favorite mistress" Marie Wilhelmina, Emperor Joseph II, and Prince Kaunitz. This travel diary is a revision of Wraxall's original notes upon Austria and the Imperial Court; the earlier notes upon which these are based are in the Osborn Collection (Osborn c23 and c24)
Archival Material, English, 1779
1 volume (63 pages, with blanks) ; 23 x 19 cm
This material, with further abridgment and revision, comprises Letters XXII-XXXIV of the author's "Memoirs of the Courts of Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, and Vienna" (London, 1799)
Binding: full calf
In English