Front cover image for [Journal], 1830 Dec 7-1831 Feb 10

[Journal], 1830 Dec 7-1831 Feb 10

Holograph journal of travel in Florence and Rome, probably originally one of a set. The journal opens with commentary on Leghorn and Florence, referring to the traveling party's attendance at a Solemn Mass in honor of the recently deceased Pius VIII. Tempest comments on the people and commerce of Tuscany and lists the content of the boxes and parcels he ships to England, including "one Ink stand" and "two allablaster chimney ornaments." The party reached Rome on January 20, 1831, and Tempest devotes many pages to a minute enumeration of the sights of St. Peter's and of the Vatican. His entries for February 2-10 describe the announcement of the election of Gregory XVI, rumors of uprisings in the Papal States, and the elaborate ceremonies, processions, and games staged in honor of the new Pope
Archival Material, English, 1830