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Princess Marie Bonaparte papers, 1889-1962 (bulk 1913-1961)

Correspondence, journals, writings, notebooks, genealogical notes, legal records, printed matter, photographs, watercolor drawings, and other papers relating to Bonaparte's involvement in the field of psychoanalysis. Documents her relationship and analysis with Sigmund Freud, the establishment and development of psychoanalysis in France, and emigration of psychoanalysts, most notably Sigmund Freud, prior to and following World War II. Subjects include Bonaparte's purchase of Sigmund Freud's letters to Wilhelm Fliess in 1937; lay analysis and the suit against Margaret Williams, an American lay child analyst practicing in Paris; and Bonaparte's proposal in 1938 recommending Baja California as a Jewish refugee state. Includes notebooks and watercolor drawings created by Bonaparte as a child that became the basis of her book, Cinq Cahiers Écrits par Une Petite Fille Entre Sept Ans et Demi et Dix Ans et Leurs Commentaires (1939-1951); Bonaparte's journals (1913-1927 and 1959-1961); her dream journals (1923-1961); autobiographical writings; and drafts of unpublished portions of her memoir, A la Mémoire des Disparus (1952-1958)
Archival Material, French,
Sigmund Freud collection
6,300 items. 33 containers. 13 linear feet.
Includes extensive correspondence with Sigmund Freud. Other correspondents include René Allendy, Edward Bibring, Grete L. Bibring, Aristide Briand, Ruth Mack Brunswick, M. Eitingon, Paul Federn, Sándor Ferenczi, Anna Freud, Dora Hartmann, Heinz Hartmann, A. Hesnard, Ernest Jones, Jacques Lacan, René Laforgue, Daniel Lagache, Hans Lampl, Jeanne Lampl-de Groot, Rudolph Maurice Loewenstein, Heinrich Meng, Sacha Nacht, Charles Odier, Georges Parcheminey, Edouard Pichon, Géza Róheim, Hanns Sachs, Raymond de Saussure, and Max Schur, and the International Psycho-Analytical Association and Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag
Collection material in French, German, and English