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Philosophical letters, or, Letters regarding the English nation

Print Book, English, 2007
Hacket, Indianapolis, 2007
158 p
9780872208810, 9780872208827, 0872208818, 0872208826
Translator's Notexxi
First Letter, On the Quakers1
Second Letter, On the Quakers5
Third Letter, On the Quakers7
Fourth Letter, On the Quakers11
Fifth Letter, On the Anglican Religion15
Sixth Letter, On the Presbyterians19
Seventh Letter, On the Socinians, or Arians, or Antitrinitarians21
Eighth Letter, On the Parliament23
Ninth Letter, On the Government27
Tenth Letter, On Commerce31
Eleventh Letter, On Smallpox Inoculation33
Twelfth Letter, On Chancellor Bacon37
Thirteenth Letter, On Mr Locke41
Fourteenth Letter, On Descartes and Newton47
Fifteenth Letter, On the System of Attraction51
Sixteenth Letter, On Mr Newton's Optics59
Seventeenth Letter, On Infinity and on Chronology63
Eighteenth Letter, On Tragedy69
Nineteenth Letter, On Comedy75
Twentieth Letter, On Noblemen Who Cultivate Literature79
Twenty-first Letter, On the Earl of Rochester and Mr. Waller83
Twenty-second Letter, On Mr. Pope, and some Other Famous Poets89
Twenty-third Letter, On the Esteem Due to Men of Letters93
Twenty-fourth Letter, On the Academies97
Twenty-fifth Letter, On Mr. Pascal's Pens��es101
Proposal for a Letter about the English123
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