Front cover image for John Graves Simcoe letter book, 1792, Jan. 16-1793, Dec. 16

John Graves Simcoe letter book, 1792, Jan. 16-1793, Dec. 16

Letter book of incoming and outgoing correspondence of John Graves Simcoe during his first two years as the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. The book includes Simcoe's correspondence with John Butler (1728-1796), James Gray (ca. 1732-1796), John Munro (1731-1800); Samuel Holland (1728-1801), Thomas Aston Coffin (1754-1810), Robert Hamilton (1743-1809), Alured Clarke (ca 1744-1832), Charles Long, 1st Baron of Farnborough, the junior Secretary of the Treasury (1761-1838), Edward Baker Littlehales,1st Baronet Baker (d. 1825), and others. The letters discuss political, military, and financial affairs of the province, including the organization of the Legislative Council, disbursement of public monies and lands, desertions from the army at Niagara; the relations with the United States during the Northwest Indian War (1785-1795), particularly St. Clair's campaign, and Indian diplomacy and relation with the Indian nations, including the crises prompted by the murders of an Onondaga chief committed by Jacob Valentine, an Ojibwa Indian at Michilimackinac and the Snake chief and the Indian council at Au Glaize (October 1792), etc. Mostly in the hand of Thomas Talbott (1771-1853), the personal secretary to Simcoe, with some notes and drafts in Simcoe's hand
Archival Material, English, 1792