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Kourion : excavations in the episcopal precinct

Print Book, English, 2007
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection ; Distributed by Harvard University Press, Washington, D.C., [Cambridge, Mass.], 2007
xxv, 571 pages : illustrations, map, plans ; 29 cm.
9780884022763, 0884022765
The excavated remains of the precinct
The basilica / A.H.S. Megaw
The baptistery / A.H.S. Megaw
The west end / A.H.S. Megaw
Discussion: architecture, liturgy, and chronology / A.H.S. Megaw
Remains of interior decoration
Architectural sculpture and revetment / Geoffrey House and A.H.S. Megaw
The Champlev revetments / Susan Boyd
Appendix. Champlev finds by country and site, second to late seventh century
Ecclesiastical furniture and equipment / Rowena Loverance
Appendix. Altar table and supports from the Sarayia site
The earlier remains
The structural remains / A.H.S. Megaw
A mosaic floor under the diakonikon / Christine Kondoleon
Remains of three marble entablatures / Geoffrey House
Miscellaneous finds
The inscriptions / Ino Michaelidou-Nicolaou
The coins
Hellenistic and early Roman / Ino Michaelidou-Nicolaou
Late Roman and Byzantine / Michael F. Hendy
Islamic / Helen W. Brown
A small hoard from ca. 1374 / D.M. Metcalf
A gold ingot / Kenneth S. Painter
Pottery / John Hayes
Clay lamps / John Hayes
Glass / Susan H. Young
Small finds / Archibald Dunn
Appendix. Lead seal of Damianos, Archbishop of Cyprus
Utensils / Rowena Loverance
Roof tiles / A.H.S. Megaw
Conclusions / A.H.S. Megaw