Front cover image for James J. Kilpatrick papers, 1925-1966 (bulk 1950-1966)

James J. Kilpatrick papers, 1925-1966 (bulk 1950-1966)

James Jackson Kilpatrick, Watkins Moorman Abbitt (Correspondent), Edward M. Almond (Correspondent), J. Lindsay Almond (Correspondent), T. Coleman Andrews (Correspondent), James Blackford Baylor (Correspondent), Fitzgerald Bemiss, Francis L. Berkeley (Correspondent), Julien Binford (Correspondent), Lloyd C. Bird
The collection consists of the correspondence and writings of James J. Kilpatrick, including correspondence with his readers, fellow journalists, and prominent public figures; editorials; speeches; and the manuscripts for "The sovereign states," "The lasting south," "The smut peddlars," and "The Southern case for school segretation." The dominant theme is Federal infringement on State's rights including the issues of segregation, interposition, and flouridation. Other topics include payola, Richmond Virginians baseball team, the National Conference of Editorial Writers and a debate with Martin Luther King, Jr., on the nation's future
Archival Material, English, 1950