Front cover image for Garm hava = Garma havā = Hot winds

Garm hava = Garma havā = Hot winds

M. S. Sathyu (Director), Ishan Arya (Producer), Abu Siwani (Producer), Kaifī Āʻz̤mī. (Scenarist), Shama Zaidi (Scenarist), Balraj Sahni (Actor), E. Ke Haṅgala (Actor), Yunus Parvaiz (Actor), Shaukat Kaifī (Actor), Jalal Agha (Actor)
Dramatization of the plight of north India's Muslim minority during the Partition upheavals. A Muslim shoe factory owner must decide whether to emigrate to newly-formed Pakistan or remain in his ancestral home and business
DVD Video, Hindi, [2000?]
India International Toronto, Toronto, Canada, [2000?]