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John C. Winsmith papers

Chiefly land papers and speeches, including some correspondence; incomplete portion of letter, approximately 25 June 1800 (Warrenton, N.C.), from Nath[aniel] Mason to William Smith (near Spartanburg, S.C., discussing the presidential and vice-presidential election and advising that "much in the next Presidential election depends on the two Carolinas"; papers relating to the Nullification controversy include an address, [1831], to the voters of Spartanburg District written in his capacity as a member of the States Rights and Free Trade Association, stating his conception of, and belief in the doctrine of nullification, and explaining the principles of States Rights and Free Trade Association, "Let us strike for liberty, the constitution, [and] union, not with the sword or the bayonet but with the more powerful and invincible weapons of reason and of truth."
Manuscript, English, 1773