Front cover image for Autograph album of Hartman Hotel, 1903-1918

Autograph album of Hartman Hotel, 1903-1918

Bessie Abott (Signer), Maude Adams (Signer), Viola Allen (Signer), Blanche Bates (Signer), Frank R. Benson (Signer), Holbrook Blinn (Signer), George Howells Broadhurst (Signer), Marie Cahill (Signer), Enrico Caruso (Signer), Lina Cavalieri (Signer)
This album includes autographs, short notes, and some sketches by over 100 visitors to Hotel Hartman, many of whom were famous. They include actors, both stage and screen, opera singers, performers, artists, and dancers. Some notable people are: American dancer Ruth St. Denis; comic strip writer and creator of Buster Brown, Richard F. Outcault; American actor Tyrone Power; musician John Philip Sousa; and Italian tenor Enrico Caruso; among many others. With the volume are two photographs of unidentified men and a typed list of all of the autographs
Archival Material, English, 1903