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Meet the Puritans : with a guide to modern reprints

Puritan literature has so multiplied that few book lovers can afford to purchase all that is being republished. What books should one buy? Where can one find a brief summary of each Puritan work and a brief description of the author? This guide answers these questions by providing a brief biography of each Puritan author whose works have been reprinted since 1956 and a short review of those books. We hope this will help purchasers of Puritan books, interest other readers in the Puritans, and guide those already immersed in Puritan literature to further depths of study
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A brief history of English Puritanism
Thomas Adams
Henry Ainsworth
Henry Airay
Joseph Alleine
Richard Alleine
Vincent Alsop
Isaac Ambrose
William Ames
Robert Asty
Sir Richard Baker
William Bates
Richard Baxter
Lewis Bayly
Paul Baynes
Robert Bolton
Samuel Bolton
John Boys
Anne Bradstreet
William Bridge
Thomas Brooks
John Bunyan
Anthony Burgess
Jeremiah Burroughs
Nicholas Byfield
Thomas Cartwright
Joseph Caryl
Thomas Case
Stephen Charnock
David Clarkson
Thomas Cobbet
Elisha Coles
John Cotton
Tobias Crisp
John Davenant
Arthur Dent
Edward Dering
Thomas Doolittle
George Downame
John Downame
Daniel Dyke
Jonathan Edwards
John Eliot
Edward Fisher
John Flavel
Thomas Ford
William Gearing
Richard Gilpin
Thomas Goodwin
Thomas Gouge
Richard Greenham
William Greenhill
Obadiah Grew
William Gurnall
Joseph Hall
George Hammond
Nathanael Hardy
Robert Harris
Matthew Henry
Philip Henry
Oliver Heywood
Arthur Hildersham
Robert Hill
Thomas Hooker
Ezekiel Hopkins
John Howe
Thomas Jacomb
James Janeway
William Jenkyn
Edward Johnson
Benjamin Keach
Edward Lawrence
John Lightfoot
Christopher Love
William Lyford. Thomas Manton
Edward Marbury
Walter Marshall
Cotton Mather
Increase Mather
Richard Mather
Samuel Mather
Matthew Mead
Christopher Ness
John Norton
John Owen
Edward Pearse
William Pemble
William Perkins
Edwrd Polhill
Matthew Poole
John Preston
Nathanael Ranew
Edward Reynolds
Thomas Ridgley
Ralph Robinson
Richard Rogers
Henry Scudder
Obadiah Sedgwick
Samuel Sewall
Thomas Shepard
John Shower
Richard Sibbes
Henry Smith
William Spurstowe
Richard Steele
Solomon Stoddard
Lewis Stuckley
George Swinnock
Joseph Symonds
Edward Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Robert Traill
John Trapp
George Trosse
Ralph Venning
Nathaniel Vincent
Thomas Vincent
Thomas Watson
William Whitaker
Michael Wigglesworth
John Winthrop. Appendix 1: Collections of Puritan writings
Appendix 2: Scottish divines
Introduction: England's Puritans and the Presbyterians of Scotland
Hugh Binning
Thomas Boston
David Dickson
James Durham
Ebenezer and Ralph Erskine
George Gillespie
Andrew Gray
William Guthrie
Thomas Halyburton
Samuel Rutherford
Henry Scougal
Appendix 3: Dutch further Reformation divines
Introduction to the Dutch Further Reformation
Wilhelmus a Brakel
Alexander Comrie
Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen
Abraham Hellenbrock
Johannes Hoornbeck
Jacobus Koelman
Jean Taffin
Willem Teellinck
Theodorus van der Groe
Johannes Vanderkemp
Gisbertus Voetius
Herman Witsius
Appendix 4: Secondary sources on the Puritans
Appendix 5: "The great tradition": a final word on Puritanism and our need today