Front cover image for Natural histories : extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library

Natural histories : extraordinary rare book selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library

Tom Baione (Editor)
"A 176-page monograph containing over two hundred illustrations and forty essays on notable masterworks spanning four hundred years"--Insert
Print Book, English, 2012
Sterling Signature, New York, 2012
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xi, 163 pages, 40 leaves of plates (some color ; 28 x 22 cm) : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 28 cm, in case 31 x 24 x 4 cm
9781402791499, 1402791496
The First Animal Book / Richard Ellis
Essay by David Hurst Thomas
The Uranometria Star Atlas / Michael Shara
Flora, Fauna, and Fifangha : Madagascar by Flacourt / Alex de Voogt
On the strangeness of Hooke's Micrographia / David Kohn
The Buyer's Guide to India, Circa 1676 / George E. Harlowe
Made Merian / Paula Schrynemakers
The Apothecary's Cabinet / Robert S. Voss
Louise Renard and His Book of Extraordinary Creatures / Mai Qaraman
Roesel von Rosenhof and His Natural History of Frogs / Darrel Frost
Knorr's Fossil Treasures from the Solnhofen / Neil H. Landman
Martini and Chemnitz's Iconographic Encyclopedia of Mollusks / Louise M. Crowley
Moses Harris : Naturalist and Artist / David Grimaldi
Observing Vesuvius with Sir William Hamilton / James Webster
The Volumes of Cramer and Stoll : A Timeless Contribution to the Science of Butterflies and Moths / James S. Miller
Bloch's Remarkable Fishes / Melanie L.J. Stiassny
A Beautiful Harvest : Herbst's Crabs and Crayfish / Bella Galil
At the Dawn of Malacology : The Salient and Silent Oeuvre of Giuseppe Saverio Poli / Ilya Temkin
Pith Paper Butterfly Souvenirs / Diana Shih. Alexander Wilson and the Birth of American Ornithology / Mai Qaraman
Egypt Revealed / Nina J. Root
Prince Maximillian zu Wied : A Military Man Turned Naturalist / Charles W. Myers
Discovering a New World : Francois Peron's Voyage to Australia / Richard Pearson
From the Depths of the Sea : Risso's Pioneering Studies of Deep-Sea Life / Bella Galil
Lorenz Oken and His Magical Numerology Tour / George F. Barrowclough
Art in the Service of Science / Nina J. Root
The First Comprehensive Description of the Amphibians and Reptiles of the World / Christopher J. Raxworthy
Burritt's Sky Atlases / Neil deGrasse Tyson
Colonel McKenney's Indian Gallery / Peter M. Whiteley
Darwin's Voyage of Discovery / Nancy B. Simmons
Schreber's World of Mammals / Miriam T. Gross
Sailing to the South Pole : Dumont D'Urville and the Discovery of East Antarctica / Ross D.E. MacPhee
The Last Hurrah : Audubon and Bachman's Mammals / Mary LeCroy
Transported to Another Planet : John Gould's The Mammals of Australia / Robin Beck
The Perfect Performance of a Particular Kind of Work / Eleanor Sterling
Elliot's Jewels : Birds in Paradise / Joel L. Cracraft
Seeing Is Believing / Tom Baione
The History of the World Is Written on a Fly's Wings / Stacy Schiff
Essay by Niles Eldredge
Books for the Naturalist in Everyone / Barbara Rhodes