Front cover image for William W. Cadbury and Catharine J. Cadbury collection, 1893-1967

William W. Cadbury and Catharine J. Cadbury collection, 1893-1967

The principal creators in the collection are Quakers William Warder Cadbury (1877-1959) and Catharine Jones Cadbury (1884-1970) who spent most of their lives in China. William Warder Cadbury came to China as a medical missionary in 1909. The collection includes 43 boxes of written correspondence and 76 volumes of William Warder Cadbury's diaries, beginning in 1893 (age 16) and ending in 1958 (age 81). There are gaps in the periods 1894-1904, 1906-1909, and 1917-1920. There are 21 volumes of diaries and notebooks of Catharine J. Cadbury. These begin in 1932 (age 48) and ending in 1967 (age 83). There is a gap in the period 1953-1958. There are six boxes in the manuscript series, which include handwritten and typed documents by both William Warder Cadbury and Catharine Jones Cadbury. The next series contains a box of legal and financial documents. There are 14 boxes of photographs. This series is mostly comprised of photos taken by William Warder Cadbury in his travels and missionary work in China. There are also photos from travels in Europe, United States, and other Asian countries. Many medical photos including X-rays and photos of patients are also included. Lastly, there are a number of posters primarily depicting Japanese aggression against China in the 1930s and '40s and hostility toward Russian Communism in the 1940s. There are eight boxes of glass negatives from Cadbury's college years and one box of film negatives from his China years. There is one box of note cards with names and addresses for correspondents of the Cadbury family. There is one box of miscellaneous materials relating to Christian missionary work in China
Archival Material, English, 1893