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My strange brain : Part 3

The third in a four-part series which looks at the lives of people with unusual neurological conditions. This part features Charles who suffered brain damage following an incident with a jewellery thief. He now believes the whole incident came about as a result of MI6 chasing an international jewellery thief. He suffers from a rare memory disorder known as confabulation in which the memory invents stories to fill in its gaps. Cathy in the US also suffers from a form of confabulation known as Capgras syndrome. She doesn't believe her husband of 31 years, Sheldon, is her husband or that their two children are her children. She believes they have been replaced by imposters. Philip has perfect vision but can't tell you the name of anything he's looking at, nor can he recognise faces, even a picture of his own face. He had a serious car accident, leaving him with damage to his left temporal lobe resulting in an inability to link what he sees to what he knows. Terence has repeated, sudden, hallucinations of terrifying visions such as floating heads. He suffers from Charles Bonnet syndrome, a form of retinitis pigmentosa
DVD Video, English, 2008
Five, UK, 2008