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Gospel, church, and ministry

Thomas F. Torrance (Author), Jock Stein
"The best writing is relevant for every age. C.S. Lewis reminded us that we must always read books from different eras, to avoid our own generation's blind spots. That is why these articles by Professor T.F. Torrance, Scotland's world famous theologian, merit reading. These particular articles focus on the topics of church and ministry in light of the gospel of Christ. They have been selected, first, because they illustrate how "TF" understood his work as an academic theologian to be the calling of an evangelist to the church and to the intellectual life of the day, and, second, because they are on the whole more accessible to the average reader. The Introduction by Jock Stein relates the different chapters to the overall work of "TF," the development of his thought, and to the events of his time"--Page 4 of cover
Print Book, English, 2012
Pickwick Publications, Eugene, Oregon, 2012