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Britain's oceanic empire : Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds, c. 1550-1850

"This pioneering comparative study of British imperialism in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean worlds draws on the perspectives of British newcomers overseas and their native hosts, metropolitan officials and corporate enterprises, migrants and settlers. Leading scholars examine the divergences and commonalities in the legal and economic regimes that allowed Britain to project imperium across the globe. They explore the nature of sovereignty and law, governance and regulation, diplomacy, military relations and commerce, shedding new light on the processes of expansion that influenced the making of empire. While acknowledging the distinctions and divergences in imperial endeavours in Asia and the Americas - not least in terms of the size of indigenous populations, technical and cultural differences, and approaches to indigenous polities - this book argues that these differences must be seen in the context of what Britons overseas shared, including constitutional principles, claims of sovereignty, disciplinary regimes and military attitudes"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2012
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2012
xix, 464 pages : maps ; 24 cm
9781107020146, 110702014X
Introduction: Britain's oceanic empire / H.V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke and John G. Reid
Geographies of the British Atlantic world / Stephen J. Hornsby
Britain in the Indian Ocean region and beyond: contours, connections, and the creation of a global maritime empire / H.V. Bowen
Imperial constitutions: sovereignty and law in the British Atlantic / Ken MacMillan
Constitutions, contact zones, and imperial ricochets: sovereignty and law in British Asia / Robert Travers
Company, state, and empire: governance and regulatory frameworks in Asia / Philip J. Stern
The oriental Atlantic: governance and regulatory frameworks in the British Atlantic world / Jerry Bannister
Subjects, clients, allies or mercenaries? The British use of Irish and Amerindian military power, 1500-1800 / Wayne E. Lee
Diplomacy between Britons and Native Americans, c.1600-1830 / Eric Hinderaker
Diplomacy in India, 1526-1858 / Michael H. Fisher
Army discipline, military cultures, and state formation in colonial India, 1780-1860 / Douglas M. Peers
Seths and sahibs: negotiated relationships between indigenous capital and the East India Company / Lakshmi Subramanian
The commercial economy of eastern India under early British rule / Rajat Datta
Anglo-Amerindian commercial relations / Paul Grant-Costa and Elizabeth Mancke
Placing British settlement in the Americas in comparative perspective / Trevor Burnard
Britain's oceanic empire: an afterword / H.V. Bowen, Elizabeth Mancke, and John G. Reid