Front cover image for Franz Roh papers, ca. 1911-1965

Franz Roh papers, ca. 1911-1965

Collection consists primarily of letters received from more than 1,000 correspondents, dating from ca. 1911-1965. The correspondence is of a personal, intellectual and business nature, and reflects a wide range of correspondents, including colleagues and fellow students, critics, editors, gallery owners and curators throughout Germany, but also notably in France and the United States. Letters contain thanks and complaints concerning his criticism, and requests for reviews, catalog statements, photos, introductions and articles. Discussed throughout the collection are exhibitions and publications, including the following works of Roh: "Streit um die Moderne Kunst," "Hollaendischen Malerei," "Art of the 20th century," "Photo-Auge," and "Die Kunst und das schoene Heim." There is little material extant for the Nazi period and the war years, but there is extensive discussion of de-Nazification and of the personal history of correspondents during the Nazi era
Archival Material, German, 1911