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Foreign aid in South Asia : the emerging scenario

Foreign Aid in South Asia examines the individual South Asian country experience in dealing with foreign aid. The articles in this book show that the effectiveness of foreign aid as a developmental tool over the last few decades has been mixed, and that the Paris Declaration of 2005 has brought about some improvement in aid ownership, harmonization, mainstreaming, utilization, etc. The book examines how emerging as well as less developed South Asian economies are adapting to these developments in the context of security issues, post-conflict rehabilitation/reconstruction, and so on. The book p
eBook, English, 2012
SAGE India, New Delhi, 2012
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Cover; Contents; List of Tables; List of Figures; List of Abbreviations; Foreword; Acknowledgements; 1
Introduction: Foreign Aid and South Asia; Aid Debate and Emerging Donors; 2
Overview of Global Reforms in Foreign Aid; 3
South-South Cooperation: Aid Effectiveness and India; 4
Aid and Growth in India: Some Evidence from Disaggregated Aid Data; Nexus between Aid and Security; 5
Pakistan; 6
Afghanistan; Policy Priorities and Role of Aid in Post-conflict Economies; 7
Sri Lanka; 8
Nepal; Policy Priorities and Role of Aid in Least Developed Countries; 9
Bangladesh; 10
Bhutan. Role of Aid in Small and Vulnerable Economy11
Maldives; About the Editor and Contributors; Index