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Economics, welfare policy and the history of economic thought : essays in honour of Arnold Heertje

Walter Kanning (Editor), Donald A. Walker (Editor), Arnold Heertje (Honoree), M. M. G. Fase (Editor)
In particular, they follow in the tradition of his work on oligopoly and price theory, welfare theory and policy, growth theory, environmental economics, technical change and the history of economic thought and methodology.
Print Book, English, ©1999
Elgar, Cheltenham, ©1999
XVIII, 443 p. : diagram ; 25 cm
9781840641844, 1840641843
Full Contents: Introduction Part I: Economic Theory 1. A Cooperative Theory of Duopoly 2. A Commodity Flow Model of Flexible Exchange Rates with Overshooting in Response to Inflation 3. The Market for Oranges 4. Complications in the Model of a Perfectly Competitive Firm and Industry 5. Models of the Market 6. Revisiting the Schumpeter-Hypotheses: Firm Size, Market Structure and Technological Regime 7. Technical Change and Economic Growth: The Case of “Catch-up” 8. Coordination, Technical Progress and Economic Growth 9. Reswitching: Simplifying a Famous Example Part II: Economic Policy and Applied Economics 10. Labour Market ‘Flexibility’ and Welfare 11. On Substitutability among Domestic Money and Cross-Border Deposits 12. The Role of International Financial Institutions in the Current Global Economy 13. The Coase Theorem and the Cooperative Nash Bargaining Game 14. On Property Rights and Their Modification 15. Economic Development in Europe, 1960–1996 16. Different Data Sources for Studying Behaviour 17. Economy and Morality: A Conceptual Framework Part III: History of Economic Thought 18. Ricardo’s Misunderstood Value Theory and the Readability of the Principles 19. Sherlock Holmes and the Swarthy German: The Case of Inanely ‘Transforming’ Mehrwert to Prices 20. Alfred Marshall and Herbert Somerton Foxwell: A Tale of Two Libraries 21. The After-glow of the German Historical School, 1945–1960 22. An Economist Turned Entrepreneur 23. Authority Systems and Schools of Economic Thought Index