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Renewing class analysis

This collection advances contemporary debates in class analysis by offering a range of new empirical research on emergent forms of social stratification and by re-thinking the intersection between economic change, social polarisation and the remaking of class relations.
Print Book, English, 2000
Blackwell, Oxford, 2000
207 p. ; 23 cm
9780631221876, 0631221875
1. Introduction: The State of Class Analysis: Rosemary Crompton (City University) and John Scott (Essex University). 2. Employment Relations and Class Structure: Aage Sorensen (Harvard University). 3. Social Position from Narrative Data: Jay Gershuny (Essex University). 4. Class Inequality and the Social Production of Money: Geoff Ingham (Cambridge University). 5. Logics of Urban Polarisation: The Views From Below: Loic Wacquant (Berkeley University). 6. Employment, Unemployment and Social Polarisation: Young People and Cyclical Transitions: Robert MacDonald and Jane Marsh (University of Teeside). 7. Late 20th Century Workplace Relations: Class Struggle without Classes: Paul Edwards (University of Warwick). 8. The Gendered Restructuring of the Middle Classes: Employment and Caring: Rosemary Crompton (City University). 9. Social Polarisation in the Electronic Economy: Jan Pahl (University of Kent). 10. Conclusion: the future of class analysis: Fiona Devine and Mike Savage (Manchester University).