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Renewing class analysis

This collection advances contemporary debates in class analysis by offering a range of new empirical research on emergent forms of social stratification and by re–thinking the intersection between economic change, social polarisation and the remaking of class relations.
Print Book, English, 2000
Blackwell, Oxford, 2000
207 p. ; 23 cm
9780631221876, 0631221875
1. Introduction: The State of Class Analysis: Rosemary Crompton (City University) and John Scott (Essex University). 2. Employment Relations and Class Structure: Aage Sorensen (Harvard University). 3. Social Position from Narrative Data: Jay Gershuny (Essex University). 4. Class Inequality and the Social Production of Money: Geoff Ingham (Cambridge University). 5. Logics of Urban Polarisation: The Views From Below: Loic Wacquant (Berkeley University). 6. Employment, Unemployment and Social Polarisation: Young People and Cyclical Transitions: Robert MacDonald and Jane Marsh (University of Teeside). 7. Late 20th Century Workplace Relations: Class Struggle without Classes: Paul Edwards (University of Warwick). 8. The Gendered Restructuring of the Middle Classes: Employment and Caring: Rosemary Crompton (City University). 9. Social Polarisation in the Electronic Economy: Jan Pahl (University of Kent). 10. Conclusion: the future of class analysis: Fiona Devine and Mike Savage (Manchester University).