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The history of the book in East Asia

Cynthia Joanne Brokaw (Editor), Peter F. Kornicki (Editor)
"The history of the book in East Asia is closely linked to problems of language and script, problems which have also had a profound impact on the technology of printing and on the social and intellectual impact of print in this area. This volume contains key readings on the history of printed books and manuscripts in China, Korea and Japan and includes an introduction which provides an overview of the history of the book in East Asia and sets the readings in their context."--Publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2013
Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, England, 2013
xxxv, 604 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9781409437819, 1409437817
Part I. China. The making of an imprint in China, 1000-1800 / Joseph McDermott; Tu and Shu: illustrated manuscripts in the great age of song printing / Maggie Bickford
Byways in the Imperial Chinese information order: the dissemination and commercial publication of state documents / Hilde de Weerdt
Mashaben: commercial publishing in Jianyang from the Song to the Ming / Lucille Chia
Ming audiences and vernacular hermeneutics: the uses of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Anne E. McLaren
Writing for success: printing, examinations, and intellectual change in late Ming China / Kai-wing Chow
The Huanduzhai of Hangzhou and Suzhou: a study in 17th-century publishing / Ellen Widmer
Visual hermeneutics and the act of turning the leaf: a genealogy of Liu Yuan's Lingyan ge / Anne Burkus-Chasson
Commercial publishing in late Imperial China: the Zou and Ma family businesses of Sibao, Fujian / Cynthia J. Brokaw. Part II. Korea. Propagating female virtues in Choson Korea / Martina Deuchler
Literary production, circulating libraries, and private publishing: the popular reception of vernacular fiction texts in the late Choson dynasty / Michael Kim. Part III. Japan. Centres of printing in medieval Japan: late Heian to early Edo period / K.B. Gardner
Provincial publishing in the Tokugawa period / P.F. Kornicki
Manuscript, not print: scribal culture in the Edo Period / P.F. Kornicki
The transfer of learning: the import of Chinese and Dutch books in Tokugawa Japan / W.J. Boot
The Daiso lending library of Nagoya, 1767-1899 / Andrew Markus
Books and book illustrations in early modern Japan / Ekkehard May
The history of the book in Edo and Paris / Henry D. Smith II
Entrepreneurship and culture: the Hakubunkan publishing empire in Meiji Japan / Giles Richter Connect to complete Table of contents